MedispirantMedispirant is a professional cosmetic line that is an effective solution for excessive sweating. Medispirant products are for those for whom traditional products turned out ineffective.

Medispirant cosmetics solve the problem of sweating of all strategic parts of the body.
They contain ingredients of proven effectiveness, curbing activity of sweat glands thereby guaranteeing long-term elimination of the problem of sweating. In addition, they contain ingredients of antibacterial properties that prevent unpleasant odor. Medispirant products do not cause skin irritation, they are delicate and appropriate for sensitive skin.

Medispirant line comprises four products whose effectiveness was proven by dermatological tests:
Medispirant roll-on blocks armpit sweating for a long time, Medispirant feet and hands gel guarantees protection from feet and hands sweating and prevents production of unpleasant odor, Medispirant shower gel eliminates sweating of the entire body, and Medispirant wipes guarantee instant refreshment and antiperspirant protection in every situation – they can be used for face, neck and décolleté.

Medispirant products are for adults, both women and men. Available at pharmacies.