• eliminates the problem of sweating up to 7 days
  • has antibacterial effects
  • prevents the unpleasant body odor

Medispirant roll-on is a specialized antiperspirant that effectively eliminates the problem of sweating up to 7 days, it has antibacterial properties and protects skin from unpleasant odor. It was additionally enriched with allantoin that has proven soothing properties, which makes it gentle for skin and can be used even for sensitive skin.

It does not cause irritation, it is fragrance-free so it can be used both by women and men.

Volume: 50 ml

Thanks to high content of antiperspirant substances, Medispirant roll-on stops sweat glands activity and, therefore, eliminates sweat secretion for a long time. Additionally, it creates a barrier to bacteria that lead to unpleasant odor. What is important, unlike many products of this kind, it does not contain alcohol that irritates and dehydrates skin.

97 %
of the surveyed observed that Medispirant roll-on stops sweating in just 5 days of use.
93 %
of the surveyed claim that the product does not lead to skin irritation.
How to use

Effectiveness of the product depends on following the recommended application indications. In order to achieve the best results, in the first stage, i.e. the first 2-5 days, the product should be used daily as night treatment. In order to maintain lasting effect, after the first stage it is recommended to use the product once or twice a week, according to individual needs.

The formula should be used for night before sleep by applying it on clean and dried skin where excessive sweat secretion occurs. Leave until it dries completely. In the morning wash skin with water and soap. Do not apply the product again. Product is for external use only.

Efficacy confirmed by dermatological tests.