shower gel

  • provides effective cleanse and care
  • eliminates sweating of the entire body
  • has antibacterial effects

Medispirant shower gel is an excellent solution for people with excessive sweating problem. It does not only cleanse and condition skin, but above all it controls sweat glands activity, which with regular use eliminates sweating on the entire body. Additionally, thanks to the content of zinc ions Medispirant has antibacterial properties and forms a barrier that protects from unpleasant odor. Medispirant shower gel guarantees a lasting feeling of freshness, leaving soft and pleasant feel on your skin.

Volume: 180 ml
shower gel

Medispirant shower gel contains antiperspirant substances that stop sweat secretion all over the body by regulating sweat glands activity. Everyday use of the product guarantees effective reduction of sweating.

73 %
of the surveyed claim that Medispirant shower gel reduces sweating of the body.
100 %
of the surveyed observed that the formula is gentle for skin.
shower gel
How to use

The formula should be used as regular shower gel, with no frequency restrictions. Apply an appropriate amount of the gel on damp skin and massage with circular motions until the moment it foams. Leave on skin for a while and rinse thoroughly. Do not use the product on irritated or damaged skin. Product is dedicated to adults for everyday use. Product is for external use only.

Efficacy confirmed by dermatological tests.